Possibly the best team ambush I’ve ever done on Dota

8/9/14 - Cara Delevingne at Mulberry Vara Delevingne Collection launch party in NYC.
Here’s a lovely picture of @jordanlambert16 because whatever, erm so I was tagged to do the 20 facts tag thing by my girlfriend (who thinks she’s cool but whateveeeeer)                                      

1. I love photography and filmography, in fact one of my dreams to create and act in a film or some sort of post production thing.
2. I wouldn’t say my music taste is unique but I listen to a variety of music genres, I don’t mind listening to whatever although I don’t preferably have one specific music genre
3. I keep my obsessions quiet so yeah lol
4. I still feel wrecked after watching The Amazing Spider-‘Man 2
5. Currently I’m superbly addicted to DotA 2, it’s such an insane game I love it.
6. I like making friends with new people because there are so many cool people in this world and I want to know them all.
7. I still think life is a huge dream and when we die we’ll wake up somewhere else but whatever
8. I still listen to Michael Jackson but only his older songs.
9. I prefer Canon cameras over Nikon only because they could do videos much better
10. My favourite song when I was younger was ‘Cascada - Everytime we touch’
11. People who have poor grammar don’t annoy me because same
12. Even though I’ve listened to many EDM Artists, @Skrillex will always be my favourite
13. I have another Tumblr account that I’m more active on.
14. The only Lil Wayne song I like is ‘A Milli’ 
15. I enjoy skating, sometimes I go out at night time and skate on my own, in fact I once got hit by a car and was hospitalised over night because I was going too fast and I didn’t stop.
16. I got ran over listening to ‘BMTH - It never ends’ which is funny because well I mean the music video is like you know.
17. I have wished I was white and black at least 5 times.
18. If I had a special power it would be telepathy because Chronicle
19. I used to enjoy watching the Twilight Saga, it didn’t bother me, in fact I went to see Breaking Dawn in the cinemas with a bunch of guys from our school :)
20. When I have children I’m going to make kites and stick them on and fly them about yay

Whoever was tagged do it because it’s cool 8)

This video fucking made me cry fs

Chrissy Costanza

Schoolboy brows 
The best 8 makeup looks for summer, 2014